The Rules Of The Club

  1. This is a Private Club.
  2. Right of admission is reserved.
  3. The minimum age is 21 years. ID will be checked. No ID, no entry, no exception.
  4. We do not discriminate on the basis of race or religion, but we want to make clear that this club is a heterosexual club. This private club is our fantasy, our lifestyle and we intend to live these the way we want. If you have a problem with this philosophy don't bother coming. There are numerous alternatives for you in Cape Town.
  5. Appropriate dress code is mandatory.
  6. Photography is strictly prohibited. We reserve the right to confiscate and destroy your phone or camera if you disregard this rule.
  7. No means No. If any member, guest, companion, escort or staff member declines your advances, then accept the rejection, smile, and thank them for their consideration. Move on and meet someone else. Spare us the drama. You are not entitled to anything - neither in life, nor at EPICURE. Do not force your wishes upon anyone. Disregarding the "No means No rule" may earn you a can of whoopass from security. It will definitely earn you an eviction from the club. You lost your right to a refund when you broke club rules.
  8. You are welcome to drink alcohol as a guest. This alcohol is complimentary, free of charge or on the house. We do not sell alcohol.
  9. Our security team reserves the right to limit or deny further alcohol, if you are drunk, incoherent or simply unpleasant.
  10. Our management team and or security team reserve the right to confiscate your car keys, if you are drunk, incoherent and obviously unfit to drive. We are happy to call an Uber for you. If you disagree and become belligerent, you can discuss your suitability to drive with local law enforcement.
  11. EPICURE is a drug free space.
  12. Weapons needs to be declared with security and deposited in a safe.
  13. Health & Safety regulations prohibit guests in areas where food is prepared. The area behind the bar and the kitchen are off limits to guests.
  14. If you create damage, you will be responsible for the costs.
  15. If you drop glass into the pool, you will be held responsible for pumping the pool empty and removing the glass.